Empowering the Australian AI Community

MLAI Aus is a non-profit org dedicated to making Australia an awesome home for AI builders. Join us for one of our next meetups and hackathons!

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We are MLAI Aus

Our vision is to make Australia an amazing home for AI and machine learning entrepreneurs. Let's get on it. Love letters: hello@aihackmelb.com


Community is everything, and most online events are simply not that great. We're organising monthly in-person events with talks about tech, research and startups. And then we have some drinks and make friends, wan't to join us? We will never monetise our community.


Getting together with other smart people and building a prototype is an awesome adventure and a great way to meet co-founders for your next unicorn. That's why we're hosting several larger hackathons per year. Check out aihackmelb23 - 99 hackers and over 300 pitch night attendees.


We're all still learning, AI just moves too fast! If you're keen to get hands-on with coding and build you own AI systems, say no more and head straight to our codecamp. Run in collaboration with the Melbourne Hackerspace we're delivering ongoing build sessions.


Can't wait to see you for the next one!

"Honestly, meeting cool people was the best part of it all"

We are proud to have worked with amazing people

“As excitement about AI builds and the impacts spread into all our daily lives, a strong and diverse community of participants is vital to support positive outcomes for all. It's great to see the MLAI Aus crew working hard to build this community across Australia. Get off the couch and get involved!”

Kendra Vant
Director Europalabs

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with the MLAI team on the Ecosystem Drinks: Talent meets Startups. It was amazing to see so many engaging members of the MLAI community join in for the startup speed dating. ”

Eike Zeller
Ecosystems Director @ Stone & Chalk

“MLAI has been a fantastic community for connecting with like-minded, talented people. Everyone has been warm, welcoming, and eager to talk nitty-gritty tech details.”

Xavier Andueza
Founder Everdawn.ai

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MLAI Aus is run entirely by volunteers. Interested in jumping aboard the pirate ship?

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